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There are no limits to gaining a satisfying and fulfilling career with the LAPD. With over 250 possible job types and plenty of room for advancement, it’s time to begin a career you can be proud of.

Questions About LAPD?

Visit our frequently asked questions page for answers about general requirements to become part of our force, types of jobs within the LAPD, the Candidate Assistance Program (CAP), and more.

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Looking for a Rewarding, Exciting, and High-Value Career?

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) has a national reputation for excellence and we are always looking for the best and brightest individuals to become part of our team. A career in law enforcement gives you access to superior training, promotional and career advancement opportunities, and a chance to excel in something you love.

Women Can Find Great Satisfaction in a Law Enforcement Career

There are many misconceptions about female police officers, such as the ideas that you won’t be treated fairly because of your gender, you will be put in danger on a daily basis, and you will have to choose between your family and your career. None of these are true. As a diverse institution, the LAPD has welcomed women to the force since 1910. Men and women enjoy the same opportunities in all areas, and have access to the following benefits:

  • There are over 250 jobs and job opportunities within the LAPD.
  • We offer flexible work schedules.
  • LAPD offers stable employment with plenty of room to grow both professionally and as an individual.
  • Most officers retire without ever having shot their guns.
  • LAPD is an equal opportunity employer dedicated to workplace diversity from top to bottom.

LAPD Is Hiring

The city of Los Angeles is 465 square miles of incredibly diverse geography, including both mountains and beaches. Living within the city are over four million people who represent a variety of cultures and speak over 220 languages. To provide effective services, we need men and women from all walks of life who are committed, willing to work, and are able to pass the required qualifications. The rewards are great and we promise that work will never be dull and boring!

Excellent Salary and Benefits

Becoming part of the LAPD is a rewarding career choice. Not only can you expect an excellent salary and benefits, but you will also be part of a dynamic, diverse, and innovative team. The personal rewards of helping protect and serve go beyond the money you make; knowing that you’re helping to bring about a significant and positive difference in your community makes a career in the LAPD something to be proud of.

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